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A For Benefit Organization for Manifesting a Sustainable Now 
                          Open Access Social-Environmental Knowledge Management

We are Synthesis ThreeTM.  Synthesis Three refers to the unification process of bringing elements together.  Synthesis Three is a For Benefit organization.  Its purpose is to establish and maintain a  World Knowledge Center TM (WKC) and to mobilize a global sustainable infrastructure through the Global Infrastructure Initiative TM (GI2).

The World Knowledge Center will provide open access to a knowledge and information clearinghouse in the areas of planning and infrastructure development through a green economic base.

The Global Infrastructure Initiative provides an accessible knowledge service base system for interchangeable infrastructure projects at any scale throughout the planet.  The GI2 approach is based on an applied social ecology of infrastructure.  The social ecology of infrastructure is a whole systems approach to the planning, design, construction and maintenance of a society's development components, such as facilities, within an ecological footprint. With this approach, a benefit analysis will include the needs of the ecological as well as the social systems.  The equation is to find the balance through a blending of the social and ecological systems with development projects.

All Synthesis Three projects and tasks are based upon Ten Fundamental Principles.  These Ten Principles are: 1) A Social-Ecology Stewardship; 2) The recognition of Matter, Energy, Space, Time and Information (MESTITM ) as Global Resources; 3) Connectivity; 4) Interchangeability; 5) Multi-Scale Transboundaries; 6) Open access to knowledge; 7) Reciprocity; 8) Global Asset Building; 9) Transparency; and, 10) Synthesis.  These Ten Principles are the guidelines for the organization and its tasks.

  The Synthesis Three System Evolution
Evolution Based on the Ten Fundamental Principles

Synthesis Three is not a belief system or ideology.  It is a process based upon the Ten Fundamental Principles.  Overall, the Synthesis Three concept is a complex system.  Complex systems have a life and a spirit of their own.  It is very difficult to direct complex systems with the usual command and control procedures commonly utilized today.  Synthesis Three is directed by its Ten Fundamental Principles.  Each entity, from staff member to network partner, will use the Ten Principles as the framework and basis for all Synthesis Three work.  All those involved will individually define the Ten Principles as the Principles apply to their respective tasks.  Over time, each entity involved will reevaluate, refocus and, when necessary, redefine as to how they are applying the Ten Principles.  This natural process will result in continual growth and evolution of the concepts and ideas involved in Synthesis Three.

These Ten Fundamental Principles are the foundation stones for the building of any infrastructure project.  How these Principles are applied and to what degree are part of the evolutionary process of each project and the overall Synthesis Three System.  These Principles will guide the Global Infrastructure Initiative.

Each Principle is whole and distinct and communicates meaning.  The Principles bring clarity in understanding the desired outcome of each individual project.  The application of these Principles to each project will ensure that the project meets the overall goal of building sustainable infrastructure that balances the socio-ecological aspect of each unique environment. Below is a diagrammatic representation of the Ten Principles and their symbolic signatures:

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