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About Us

Why we exist: The present direction is to focus on synthesizing everything necessary to manifest sustainable infrastructure projects at any scale and ecosystem on the planet. A global sustainable infrastructure contributes to providing open access and social equity. Our purpose is to establish, mobilize and maintain the system structure to accomplish this. This is done by setting a synthesis consciousness that applies ten guiding principles within the global space. These principles are a method of practice to address the requirements for:

-    Integrated Social-Environmental based infrastructure
-    Centralized open access to knowledge and its management
-    Reduction of global organizational redundancy
-    Project driven multi-sector organizational structure
-    Project interchangeability
-    Asset building for future generations

What we are: Synthesis Three is a multi-sector For Benefit organizational system of services and products for the mobilization of sustainable infrastructure.

Our Intent:

•    To mobilize and establish a sustainable civilization through open access knowledge management practices and projects
•    To work under the guidance of Ten Fundamental Principles: 1) A Social-Ecological Stewardship;  2) The recognition of Matter, Energy, Space, Time and Information - MESTI TM - as Global Resources;  3) Connectivity;  4) Interchangeability;  5) Multi-Scale Transboundaries;  6) Open Access to Knowledge;   7) Reciprocity;  8) Global Asset Building;  9) Transparency;  and  10) Synthesis
•    To establish and maintain an open access World Knowledge Center
•    To establish and develop The Global Infrastructure Initiative
•    To establish and maintain global infrastructure Social-Ecology task groups as The Synthesis Three Groups(s)

Who we are: The Synthesis Three System consists of three knowledge management organizational structures united for global sustainable infrastructure projects.
1.    Synthesis Three (S3) as the For Benefit knowledge management lead organization.
2.    The World Knowledge Center, or The Knowledge Management Data Base, with global open access, managed by Synthesis Three.
3.    Synthesis Three Group(s) (S3G). A multi-sector joint venture entity. The Group is a collaborative network of autonomous multi-sector members  brought together for projects and programs.

How: Through the synthesis or integrated approach of the multi-sector Global Infrastructure Initiative. A key objective of the infrastructure initiative is to develop a global system of sustainable infrastructure through incremental steps. Therefore all projects, no matter what size or scale, are additions to a global sustainable infrastructure. The architecture of the integrated approach includes:

•    Centralization and decentralization
•    Cloud oriented structures
•    Functions 
        º    Knowledge task managers
        º    Product and service referrals evaluation system
        º    Information clearinghouse
        º    Pilot projects development 


Where: A cloud architecture platform for:

•    A virtual knowledge management community network
•    A virtual World Knowledge Center
•    A multi-sector global organization network

Application: The Synthesis Three (S3) and the S3 Group knowledge system participates in projects for global social-ecological infrastructure development. The Ten Fundamental Principles serve as the foundation stones for the building of any infrastructure project, at any scale, in any location on the planet. How these Principles are defined and to what degree, are part of the evolutionary process of each project, the participant and the Synthesis Three system.

Structure: The Synthesis Three system is structured as a For Benefit organization. The Synthesis Three Group is a consortium structured with task oriented binding arrangements. The Synthesis Three and the Synthesis Three Group are organized through an instrument where members have both autonomy and accountability as addressed through a joint charter or a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and ultimately a Synthesis Congress of policy and oversight.

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