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The World Knowledge Center

The Center is an open access knowledge management clearinghouse for sustainable social-ecological based infrastructure projects at any scale and ecosystem on the planet. The Center is a collaborative world network for the centralization of knowledge.  The Center includes knowledge task managers, a product and service referrals evaluation system within the Catalog of Sustainable Infrastructure Products and Services, the Social-Ecological Development Pattern Archives, and the Center's Users Communications System. The establishment and maintenance of the Center is the prime directive of the For Benefit organization Synthesis Three, and is the foundation of the Synthesis System that encompasses the Global Infrastructure Initiative (GI2), the Network of the Global Sectors, the Synthesis Three Task Group(s) and their projects, and ultimately the Synthesis Congress.

Knowledge and common ground: It is essential to the advancement of global knowledge management that a system with a language of common definitions and understandings be established regarding methods, terminology and implementation. As more knowledge systems appear and we develop a common language, we will experience improvements in communications, understanding and productivity. Without a common ground of communication principles, terminology and metrics, we will surely develop an entropic "Tower of Babel".

For example, climate change adaption requires the best science available for immediate application not just the best available science. There is a large body of scientific literature within the climate sciences; however, users outside the sciences community might require translation into a knowledge management process to move from science outputs to adaptation planning and implementation.

Moreover, the historical precedent has been to use data to categorize things. We can now incorporate data and information into applicable knowledge management. Now we can use knowledge to create things. With this system of communicative information, we can develop the knowledge to create global sustainable options.

The Synthesis Three Group(s) 

The Group is a Multi-Sector Organization. The Group includes the five global organizational sectors of private individuals, non-profit, government, for-profit and For Benefit into one services task group, the Synthesis Three Group (S3G). The Group is a network of these sectors brought together for specific Social-Ecological infrastructure tasks and projects.The Group is a joint venture consortium of organizations and individuals formed for each initiative Element and Resource project, for example, The Water Group, The Energy Group, The Transportation Group, etc.

Organized by Synthesis Three and the individual For Benefit Group Stakeholders, the Group maintains autonomy where each task group project is separate with oversight from the Synthesis Congress.

The Synthesis Congress

The purposes of the Synthesis Congress are to set goals and objectives, establish projects, serve as oversight for the Synthesis Three Group activities and to insure the principle of transparency within the synthesis system.  The structure of the Congress will evolve over time from the Roundtable Group meetings and discussions with the global network members.


Roundtable Discussions

Facilitated Roundtable Discussions will take place throughout the globe at meetings and conferences and through a social media platform. Various types of Roundtable Discussions are to be conducted to provide platforms for engaging a mission-oriented dialogue for developing the Infrastructure Initiative. This is the venue for the collaborative multi-sector assembly to apply the guiding Principles. This networking opportunity will synthesize knowledge and mapping strategies with industry, investors, planners, scientists, policy makers, researchers and product developers.

The Global Infrastructure Initiative

The Global Infrastructure Initiative (GI2) provides an organizational framework of open access to knowledge and resources for developing the planet's social-ecological infrastructure. The Initiative establishes a centralized accessible knowledge service base organization for interchangeable infrastructure projects at any scale throughout the planet. The Initiative includes community planning and design, ecological sciences, finance seeking, project management, products and services with these aspects focused upon the Ten Fundamental Principles established by Synthesis Three.

The approach unifies the knowledge and services of science, policy and industry for the evolving global civilization and its sustainable infrastructure. For example, there is an Inquiry: To what source do I go to develop a sustainable infrastructure project? The Approach: provide an open access centralized knowledge organization dedicated to sustainable rural and urban infrastructure development.


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In Search of an Appropriate Strategy for Development in Arid Regions.
(This article is the foundational work out of which developed the Synthesis Three system concept.)

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