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Welcome to our Update page. Here we will keep you abreast of major recent developments to the Synthesis Three organization and to our website.

•    In June 2012, the Synthesis Three blog page came online.

•    In June 2012, the Synthesis Three facebook page came online.  We are building our audience.

•    In July 2012, the Partnering page was added to the website.

•    In July 2012, the Thank You page was added to the website.  The front and back images of the Thank You card we handed out at the Planet Under Pressure conference has been added to this page.

•    In July 2012, the Update page was added to the website.

•    In July 2012, the Flag and Country Counter and the Revolving Globe were added to the Home, Partnering and Update pages.  With these useful tools, we can record the many visits from all over the world to the Synthesis Three website.  Unfortunately, we missed recording the thousands of visits to our site during our first few months online.

*In June 2013, Synthesis Three is honored to be presenting a poster at the 2013 International Conference of Ecology and Transportation (ICOET 13) on June 23 -27.
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